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Death's Door

Kelly Johnson and Aleda Huff

The story of Death's Door is one of triumphs and tragedies, carrying the reader through the life events of three significant characters, brothers Britt and Anniken and their lifelong friend, Eva.

The story is set along the southern coast of Norway where the North and Norwegian Seas meet. It is here where the infamous cave, Death's Door, dwells along with its cohort, Hell's Gate, which is believed to be the hidden lair of Kraken, the great monster of the sea. It is here where Viking legends began, stories of warriors, pirates, and monsters battling upon and within the wretched and glorious sea.

Death's Door is the formidable cave that lies beneath the rugged and pristine cliffs of this small coastal village, sought out by cave diving extremists worldwide, and known for its treacherous and deadly inner walls. Attempts to tame Death's Door have eluded many a man over the centuries, devouring the lives of so many, including Britt, Anniken, and Eva.

The story begins in a time of post war. World War II had ended a decade before, and the people of Norway had taken back their country from the Germans. Britt, Anniken, and Eva were born during the aftermath of WWII, reaching young adulthood in the era of the Vietnam War, experiencing the depths of its wrath. These historical events, intertwined with the lives of the characters, create the underlying element of good versus evil and how life comes full circle. And so it is true of the sea and the beast that lies within.

Adventure, love, and tragedy fill these pages, challenging its characters to rise above it all, only to find sometimes the quest for victory leads to ultimate defeat.

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